Off grid living within hours of installation. 

Strict water recycling with negligible processing loss. Potable drinking water access. When run in conjunction with our Fresh water system it can supply endless drinking and living water for the inhabitants.

Solving the human waste dilemma. 

Safe and cost effective waste disposal that is portable and available anywhere. Ability to work and operate in sensitive or inhospitable areas for extended periods.

Freedom from external infrastructure. 

No hook ups, no additional bills, no large expensive infrastructure to deploy. Allows for indefinite mobile living.

Untether from septic and sewer systems. 

The standard system is designed to handle waste water effluent up to 5 people continuously, both black water and gray water, and can handle up to 15 people treating black water only. 

The Micro system is designed for highly mobile applications to continuously treat waste water effluent, both black water and grey water, for up to 3 people.