Our Story

In 2015, I bought a beautiful property in Washington state. It had great big trees and after buying it I discovered that it would cost me $40,000 to put in a septic system and that I would have to cut half the trees  which is part of the reason why I bought the trees in the first place. I refused to do that. I assumed that somebody would figure out an alternative, because water and septic are 6000 years old and that people had been doing a lot of evolution on it over the last 50 years or so. 

The truth is nothing has been done. There is a lot in terms of municipal level, really big governmental structures and then there are water filters that you put inside your house and nothing in between. Thousands of amazing water treatment patents are never used because they all aim at municipal/institutional buyers who have no desire to adopt anything new for fear they will lose their jobs. That frustration led us to a solution and that solution is Demizine Technology. We take the best and make it available in a usable system wrapped in our own proprietary and patented system.

Our mission is simple: live anywhere, anytime, instantly. Build an environmental conscience system that not only works for off-grid enthusiasts, environmentalists, but most importantly offsets some of the deadly effects of climate change allowing for living in extreme environments - extreme dry to extreme wet. Free yourself from regulatory hurdles and get to the business of being self-sufficient and save time, money, and the planet while doing it.

Even before the pandemic hit, we knew that product innovation would come out of necessity. Premium quality and functionality is always paramount in our design and manufacturing process. We do big work with a small physical footprint. Worrying about how to comply with regulations that make it extremely expensive to live should never be a part of your cottage getaway, house, or business plan.

We were thrilled to discover the amount of people looking for Demizine, a brand that would enable decentralized living anywhere, instantly. Today, outdoor enthusiasts, real estate investors, restaurateurs, homeowners, farmers, and businesses are changing the way they use water. That excites us and motivates towards continuous innovation.

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