Demizine’s  proprietary patent-pending technology resides in a refrigerator-sized  unit designed for portability and rapid deployment and operation  anywhere in the world, with high reliability and low maintenance.   

Unique Three-Stage Processing:

Waste collection and reduction by biological processing.Water separation and purification to a safe drinkable standard. Waste sanitation and reduction to non-biologically active dry mass for easy simple disposal Our  system includes numerous safeguards, monitoring, and sampling systems  to ensure the highest environmental and safety standards are met at all  times. The water produced by the system is safer than the standard tap water  from North America having been subjected to more extensive filtration and (non-chemical) treatment than municipal water.



Demizine continuously and economically recycles water by using the same proven technology that  is found at the International Space Station. However, ours is  an Earth friendly version that has capabilities that are above and beyond NASA’s own system. 

Our product comes complete with a living biome that consumes your waste and reduces the solids by up to 90% — just the way it happens in nature.

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Your next home appliance purchase

Our product is a complete end-to-end water recycling system. We are an in-home appliance akin to a “washing machine” for your entire waste water system.   

The best part about our product is that it fits in your closet and costs 1/1000th the cost of NASA’s.  

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More Installation Specifications

  • Physical dimensions: 32 x 28 x 90” (6.25 sq ft floor space)
  • Max volume 700 liters
  • Max weight: Dry 210 lbs, full 1800lbs, 288lbs sq ft floor loading
  • Clearance 1” minimum sides, 6” top

Fresh water Component requirement:

  • Can be located anywhere – no physical proximity to other components required
  • 3” Vent line to exterior 
  • 3” Vent line to kitchen and bathroom  
  • 1/2” Feed to 3/8” PEX distribution network for fresh water – all sinks – self pressurizing
  • 120v 15 amp circuit  

Grey Water Component requirements:

  • 3/4” Input waste water line from Grey water sources
  • 3/4” Output to standard bladder tank for pressure and follow on delivery to PEX distribution network – sinks, shower, dishwasher, clothes washer
  • 3/8” Input from distilled water feed stock (black water tank)
  • In residential applications it is normally placed within 3 meters (10ft) of the black water tank to allow for solid waste clean out.
  • For commercial applications the system can be fitted with a stand alone solid waste disposal if required.
  • 120v 15 amp circuit  

Black Water Component requirements:

  • 3” Air vent line for biogas and tank exhaust
  • 1” Input waste water line from black water sources
  • 3/4” Output to PEX water distribution network - Self pressurizing
  • 3/8" Output line of distilled water (to grey water system or exterior drain)  
  • 1/2” Output of sanitized nutrient feed if used with grow tower via PEX line
  • 120v 15 amp circuit

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Off Grid Living

Construction Considerations

Utilizing our closed-loop system you can realize significant construction savings in both residential and business applications.

No exterior land used: Everything in the system is designed to reside inside the house with a minimal footprint. By doing away with a septic field that land can often be utilized for additional construction, parking, trees, or just left in a natural state. In many cases this savings in land is 100’s and sometimes millions of dollars per installation.

No foundation required: When building a traditional home you have to be connected to the earth for your water and septic, and now you don’t. This is a massive and underappreciated change to construction techniques. It means that you can “float” the home over the terrain on metal supports and leave the terrain ungraded and natural. A metal beam foundation is far easier and less expensive than most concrete foundations and when cost savings for lot leveling are factored in there is a significant savings.

Build where you couldn’t build before: Lots with no water and septic or in the desert, mountain, or wetland are often heavily discounted as they are considered unbuildable. Now, you can build on these lots and not engage in large scale environmental engineering to do it. Yes, you can also put this into a houseboat or floating island home.

Peace of mind: Many home owners opt to put in back up generators. If you have lived through a natural disaster like a hurricane or earth quake you may have noticed that it is easier to live without power, than it is to live without water. With our system you have the peace of mind of uninterrupted supply, and additional environmental benefits


Energy savings: Our system does use more energy than a passive system. However, it also generates energy via biogas and exothermic heat generation from biological reduction of waste. More importantly when you take a hot shower, or wash clothes in warm water, rather than heating the sewer line you now keep that energy inside your home where it can be used to heat your home or minimize the amount of additional energy required to re-heat the water when it is re-used. Heating water is a significant and far more energy intensive process than our recycling system therefore there can be a net energy gain by utilizing the system


Scale to Fit

Modular Componants

The system has three modules that are all the same size– Black (toilet), Grey (sink, shower, dishwaster, clothes washer, & Fresh Water- but depending on your situation you may not need all three.. All of the modules are welded stainless steel and designed to meet the most rigorous food & water standards and last many decades.

Each component can work independently to do its job. The standard complete system is designed to support a family of 5 indefinitely living with standard off-the-shelf appliances and typical North American water usage. We make a full line of accessory products that allow you to customize the solution and add extra capacity so you can live the way you want yet disrupt your environmental impact.

A standard installation is all three components. 

The Black water reflushes the toilets and automatically removes the bio-solids for disposal.

The Grey water system recycles all your sink, dish, laundry, shower, bath water and continuously cleans and refilters it.

The Fresh water system continuously adds fresh water via condensation to the system. The water you drink is always from the condensate meaning it has NOT yet been recycled it is simply pulled from the air and you drink it and cook with this water. 

All three can fit in a standard laundry closet, basement or be spread out about the home taking up less than 20 sq feet (1.75 sq m2)  as a combined TOTAL surface footprint.