Level up your van conversion with the Endless RV, the world's first drop sink and shower system. 

Quick and easy to assemble, you won't need an engineering degree to put it together. Confidently rinse and wash in the  elegant full compact sink complete with water carrier and filtration unit. 

Treat yourself to a spacious and luxuriously warm shower and stay warm and toasty during the cooler days and nights with the Endless RV built-in heater.

Made in Canada


Counter height 85 cm (33.5”)

Counter width 60 cm (23 ⅝”)

Counter depth 40cm (15 ¾”)

Max fluid capacity 86 liters (22 gal)

Nominal fluid capacity 70 liters (14.5 gal)

Sink running time before recycle starts = 1hr continuous

Max sink running time in field before water needs changing = approximately 30 days

Unit weight installed with max water = 124kg (273lbs)

Empty weight 44kg (96lbs)