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The Rise of Water Recycling


New regulations approved Tuesday by the California State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California municipal drinking water.The regulations specify the percentage of recycled water that can be added and how long it must reside there before being treated again at a surface water treatment facility and provided as drinking water, according to the Water Board. Continue reading ...

A Hot Dry Winter in California


The situation in the lower Colorado basin — most of Arizona and parts of Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and California — is especially bad, with snow totals at or near record lows at many locations. Read on to learn more.

Thought the Water Crisis Couldn't Get Any Worse?


Aquifers provide us freshwater that makes up for surface water lost from drought-depleted lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. However, at the rates we We are drawing down these mostly nonrenewable groundwater supplies at unsustainable rates in the western United States. Continue reading ...   

Polluted Tap Water Puts 15 Million Americans, Dozens of Industrial Sites at Risk


New research from EWG and Northeastern University in Boston details PFC pollution in tap water supplies for 15 million Americans in 27 states and from more than four dozen industrial and military sources from Maine to California. PFCs – highly fluorinated toxic chemicals, also known as PFASs that have been linked to cancer, thyroid disease, weakened immunity and other health problems  – continues to expand with no end in sight. Read the complete report.

Realty Check: Will the Feds End Boil Water Advisories on First Nations by 2021?


For decades, First Nations across the country have been plagued by drinking water full of harmful bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals. While government-after-government has vowed to fix the problem, the issue remains. Continue reading ...

Charlotte Residents Left Wondering About the Safety of Local Water Supply


Some Charlotte-area neighbors of Duke Energy power plants are marking a depressing milestone: 1,000 days of relying on bottled water to avoid using well water that might be unsafe. Read more...