Meet Demizine: Decentralized Living

We move businesses and people forward by unlocking access to clean water and reliable sanitation, while opening doors to unimaginable growth opportunities. Enjoy the freedom of living, building, or working anywhere on Earth instantly.

Expertly designed and manufactured in Canada since 2017.

the people needs us

  • "I wanted a simple commercial kitchen... there are too many restrictions...I had no options that were affordable."
  • "Your unit opens the doorway for our dealers all over the world to build efficient homes"
  • "For me if I want to expand, I need more land for septic, engineering, costs. It doesn't make economic sense to have some old school system, where is the advancement?"
  • "The entry costs to open a business are so high that the only businesses that can afford to do it are fast food chains because of capital costs.
  • Seymour E.
  • Rick F.
  • Patrick W.
  • John S.


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