Our Mission

Live Free and Thrive


Demizine empowers you with the ability to not have to rely on existing infrastructure. In fact, we enable you to enjoy your environment on your terms. Simply put you won't have to rely on what your municipality offers. 

The Future is Now


Web 4.0 is here and it has nothing to do with being connected -- it's about being disconnected. Central anything means that when one system fails we all suffer. Decentralized power and water provide you with options and stability. At Demizine our mission is to make decentralized power and water available to everyone.

Solution for Modern Day Problems


 Your needs change over time and our job is to build you a system that can be adaptive to the needs of today and tomorrow, while empowering with the ability to choose the option that suits your needs.

About Us

Our History

Demizine Technology is the product of many years of research and has been awarded a  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada research grant. It was formally established in 2017 after aquiring the extensive wastewater R&D IP portfolio of Convrter Technologies.

Our Focus

Designing compact, individual solutions that create drinking water whilst simultaneously providing a human waste management system that provides for simple, easy, sanitary disposal with near zero risk of biological contamination.

Our Goal

To create personal waste appliances that allow for zero-footprint living anywhere on earth from the most fragile desert to the most sensitive wetland.