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the people needs us

  • "If you want to protect your water resources, want to be part of the green economy. What you need to understand is it doesn't make sense to have the same septic system of the past. Where's the advancement in septic technology? Demizine built it."
  • "Safely treating and recycling water is a bonus for our business."
  • "With Demizine products we can go from building 4 houses on one property to scaling to 12 to 15."
  • "It's become very hard here to open any kind of business that has a through put of water: restaurant, bar because of the high barrier to entry. Demizine solves this by providing and affordable solution to our community's septic problem."
  • Patrick W. New Dever, B.C., Canada
  • Elise J.
  • Domenic P.
  • John K.


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